ACell + PRP

“A boost for both your existing hairs and your newly transplanted hairs. Both the ACell powder and the PRP enhance the nourishing and revitalizing effect on all your hair roots.”



With the advanced capabilities of technology and medicine, it is now possible to have strong and healthy hair again. Current hair treatments that support hair growth and strengthen hair follicles make it possible to revive your hair strength and vitality. It restores hair in people whose hair is weak and lifeless due to factors such as genetic structure, age, stress, chronic health issues, malnutrition, or accidents.

Here, ACell PRP, also known as the “hair vaccine,” and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) are very suitable solutions and are successfully applied in many areas of medicine.

ACell PRP consists of an extracellular matrix, vitamin, mineral, medication, and PRP combination. With this mix of vitamins and minerals, the stem cell can produce fresh stem cells again. The matrix provides intercellular connection and acts as an “information highway” between them, supporting tissue production. ACell mimics the solid tissue that is revitalized and activated with PRP, generating new hair follicles and giving existing hair a stronger and healthier structure.

ACell has been used for over 12 years in America and for 5 years in Turkey. It is often preferred by people experiencing hair loss because it yields highly effective results. The treatment does not require repetition, and excellent results are achieved with just one session. It is a highly ideal solution for individuals with limited time for repeat sessions due to their work pace or busy life. Thanks to the comfortable and entirely painless treatment of American origin, which can only be performed by specialized doctors, the hair heals and regains its strength and health.

How is an ACell+PRP hair treatment applied?

ACell PRP is a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) produced from one’s own blood combined with ACell powder imported from America containing the necessary vitamins, minerals, and medications for hair. This way, your personalized hair vaccine is obtained. This single-session treatment is applied under local anesthesia. The obtained personalized serum is injected into the scalp using a device with microneedles.

This combined method, which enhances the nourishing and revitalizing effect of both ACell powder and PRP, is used to maximize the treatment’s effectiveness. Satisfactory results are achieved, weak hair follicles are strengthened, and the quality of existing hair is improved. It can slow down or even completely stop hair loss and achieve a beautiful and healthy result.

When are the results obtained with an ACell+PRP hair treatment?

The ACell PRP hair treatment, approved by the American Food and Drug Administration, shows its results from month 4 after the treatment. You will notice a noticeable increase in hair quality after 4 months, and targeted results are obtained at the end of approximately 1 year.

*Price: € 1,800

In combination with a hair transplant: € 1,250